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I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes in human potential and infinite possibilities when we rise up and begin to chose and live a life aligned with our soul's purpose and path.

It brings me the most join creating containers that 

I am a Soul Alignment Guide, reminding YOU of what you already know within you.

Welcome to your Soul Online .ComUnity

Here you will find practices and sacred tools to enhance and enrich your daily life. 

You will find inspiration, support, encouragement and 

~ Dahliah Tomie ~
Mayva Lifestyle & Coaching

When women gather in the space that Christina has “Created with Love” MAGIC HAPPENS. When I met Christina 5 months ago I was soo lost. I was disconnected from mySelf, I was grieving heavily and I needed to find my Sisters. There was so much pain that needed to be unraveled and sorted through, her women’s circles gave me a space to not only think clearly in, but to truly feel for the first time in my life like I had an army of women behind me that loved me unconditionally and seen me for who I really was — even if we didn’t know each other, even if we didn’t talk everyday afterwards. It’s all in the sacred intention of the group — to love, and to be loved; to see, and to be seen; to hear, and to be heard. So if you’ve made it this far and are reading my review wondering if working with Christina is worth it, or if attending her women’s circles is a good idea consider this your confirmation that YES it is worth it and YES it is a good idea. I am beyond grateful that I took a leap of faith and met her for the first time. So so grateful for you and the work you do Christina! The
world needs more of it!

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