Energize ~ Citrus Crystal Bath Soak


Cleanse & Purify yourSelf; your Sacred Temple, with our Luxurious Bath Salts


Infused with Love, Healing & Energizing Healing Energy, Calendula Flowers, Sweet Orange & Lemon Essential Oils, Pink Himalayan Salts, Solar Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Dendrict Salts & Coconut Oil.


Each bag comes with a Citrine Crystal. Woo Hoo! Who doesn't LOVE Crystals?!?


I create my salts over the course of 2 days, blessing each ingredient and infusing them with the healing energy and intentions of the specific energy of the blend.


One bag can be used to have 2-6 baths, depending on your preferance. 


These blessed crystal bath soak salts not only clear and cleanse your auric feild, they also soften your skin with the coconut oil. 


May you be blessed and energized!


Created with Love

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